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Lynx Tattoo Rite is part of Tattoo Trade Industries (T F International) and has been involved in the tattoo trade for 50+ years.

We manufacture and sell tattoo equipment and offer training to budding tattooists.

Lynx Tattooed

We manufacture a complete range of tattooing items, and can make items to order.

Samples of our manufactured equipment are available on request.

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Tattoo Rite
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Tel: 01803 814098 or

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Tattoo Tools and Accessories no image spacer Disposable or Recyclable Stainless Steel Tubes no image spacer Tattoo Removal Machines no image spacer range of cleaners for tattoo equipment
Tattoo Needles in various sizes and types no image spacer Tattoo coils with your own design no image spacer Bevel, round, firm, pro and more Tattoo Grips no image spacer Stainless steel and plastic tattoo tips in range of sizes
EU Certified Safe Tattoo Inks no image spacer custom kits or starter tattoo kits - we have both no image spacer Tattoo Footswitches and Power Supplies no image spacer We can help you train to be a tattoo artist
Click for Arm Rest no image spacer Full range of tattoo power supply units no image spacer Tattoo Body Art no image spacer Thermal copiers for tattooing
Tattoo Furniture: Beds, couches and stools no image spacer Lynx New Yorker Tattoo Machines no image spacer Check out these Air Brushing Images no image spacer